Everyone knows that a gathering of crows is called a murder, but they're also called a storytelling. As writers, we aim to tell our stories, murdering those errors and fears that hold us back. As publishers, we're looking for voices in genre fiction that often go ignored or are asked to change. Our goal is to always help each become better writers and foster a sense of community.

Editor in Chief

Adrean Messmer loves horror stories. Terror, bloodshed, awful things happening to good people, and monsters are her favorite things. She is the vice-president of the critique club, Nevermore Edits, and a member of Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc.

If you want to know more, you can find her over at Splatterhouse 5, where she talks about whatever nonsense strikes her fancy and judges other people's writing, and on Twitter.


Jack is a 32-year-old writer and home-based counselor born in Miami, Florida, and living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts in English and Philosophy from Tulane University in New Orleans in 2007 and his Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from the University of Tulsa in 2013.

Jack has been writing since the fourth grade. His friends and he began A Murder of Storytellers in 2012, which has done a great deal to encourage him to take his writing seriously enough to start a websiteFacebook page, and Twitter account, and to begin publishing his fiction. His work has been published in Happy Days, Sweetheart and Beyond the Nightlight. He is also the chief editor of Broken Worlds.

Jack’s fiction interests include science fiction, urban fantasy, and horror.


Shannon Iwanski is president of the Tulsa-based writing group Nevermore Edits, a member of Oklahoma Writers' Federation, Inc., and Editor-in-Chief of Inkubus Publishing, LLC. To learn more about him and his plans to turn the world into a dystopian society, check out shannoniwanski.com.


CJ Miles IV is a member of Nevermore Edits and the Oklahoma Writer's Federation, Inc. He lives in Tulsa, OK, spreading the unspeakable word of the Old Ones. He does not write or blog nearly enough, but, much like spotting a blurry sasquatch, you can occasionally find him on his website or Twitter.

Contributor - The Electric Cageliner

Joseph Shelton was born and raised in Montana. His passion is writing, whether fiction or nonfiction. He also has an abiding interest in film, literature, UFOs, Bigfoot, and comic books. As a child, Shelton was very anxious that he might be the Antichrist, which so concerned him that he asked an Episcopal minister to assess the possibility. The man told him it was unlikely, but possible.