All Hallow's Read: Friday I'm in Love

I spent some time trying to give a Halloween rewrite to "A Few of my Favorite Things", but then I realized I wanted to get this done before midnight. It would have been awesome though. So, a few of our favorite things for Halloween:


The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

"When I was a kid, I watched this every year. The Headless Horseman scared the crap out of me."


I'll Be Waiting

"I love Reckless Tortuga. They've come out with a couple of short stories for the Halloween season. This is my favorite of them."


The Cthulu Mythos

"Not super surprising, I'm sure a lot of people who are at least a little familiar with it agree. Themes of futility, mankind being the side effect of much greater and more terrible things in the universe, and the closest thing to the "good guys" that exist in the stories couldn't care less about us. Even the dreams of some of the eldritch creatures are dangerous to us mere mortals, and to glimpse any of their true forms is enough to drive even the most steel-willed mad.

And what's not to like about that?"


"Yes, I am scared of the internet boogeyman. Kinda lame, but it's less the stories and such, and more just that he's basically an amalgamation of my fears. Powered by belief, enigmatic, impossible to perceive no matter where he may be, and absolutely unstoppable in his pursuit of... what, exactly? Nobody knows. I think that may be the worst part.

He's also taller than me, and that cannot be tolerated."

Haunted Houses

"Both the thing with the ghosts and the thing with the people paid to hide around corners to scare you. I love a good scare around Halloween, and while ghost hunting may technically be cheaper than paying for admission of a haunted house, I also don't want to be exposed to too many terrible things in the world. A good haunted house or haunted trail is part of what makes the Halloween season so fun, after all."


"Also, being within arms' reach of a pile of candy makes October officially one of the best months ever. I'm beginning to think I was born a month too late."


Weeping angels

Pumpkin Pie


Awesome costumes





This is, like, my greatest fear. Ever.

Trick r Treat

I have a problem with misspellings in titles, so I didn't watch this for a long time. But this is the Halloweeniest of all Halloween movies. It's just fantastic fun.

Heads Will Roll

This video is just so... it's like a love letter to Thriller and it's so campy and glittery.