All Hallow's Read: Half a Hundred Halloween Haiku

Ben Jeffries (and one Sonku)

Halloween is great

Lots of spooky shit happens

We love being scared


The orange falling leaves

The white tombstones' bony smile

Must be Halloween


Spooky spiders smile

Strange silent skeletons sit

Sobbing sister screams


Headless Horseman howls

Haunted houses host horror

Happy Halloween!


Candy bag is full

Feel my bed's alluring pull

Tonight was awesome


Red leaves spiral down

Orange Jack-o-lanterns shine bright

Colors of the fall


Sharp knife, silent screams

The horror movie plays on

It's time to be scared!


A dark moonless night

The streetlight ahead shatters

My heart beats with fright

Running sound patters

From the dark shadows shapes loom

A specter bursts out

Will this be my doom?

My death comes, I have no doubt

This All Hallows Eve

My heart starts to freeze

For a moment I believe

The ghost's ghastly wheeze

But here's the deceit

It's just a kid in a sheet

He shouts, "Trick or Treat!"


CJ Miles IV

Pumpkins glare steadfast

Spirits of flame waltz inside

Steps guided by wind


Legions of undead

Vampires, zombies, ghouls and ghosts

Seek candy, not brains


Keep the porch light on

To turn away guests is rude

On the spirit’s night


Halloween is great

Knights and ninjas and witches

All for the same cause


Never fear the dark

Gourds light the way with warm smiles

Monsters cannot hide


They stay in the light

Disguised, same as you and I

To see how we live


They crash our parties

Knock on doors, take our candy

Always the best dressed


When all lights are out

The monsters return to dark

And wait for next year


Shadows spread slowly

Cowardly covens convene

Fey forage for fright


Disguise yourselves, friends

Monsters confuse easily

Won’t eat their own kind


They’ll invite you home

Under the bed, in closets

Snack on fear and dreams


You can scare with ghosts

Run with wolves, hang with vampires

But be home by dawn


Sunrise closes doors

Separates our worlds again

Clears their monster minds


Then you’re all alone

Surrounded by predators

No nightlight, no home


So be wary, friends

Keep company with monsters

But never for long


Falling leaves and rain

Filling up my candy bag

This Halloween sucks


Jack-o’-lanterns grin

Candles sputter and go out

Witching hour is here


Something lurks behind

Breaking twigs, scattering leaves

Fills my heart with fright


Run, fast as I can

Somewhere bright and warm and safe

Have to get away


Found the sidewalk’s end

Off the path now, branches swipe

I am still pursued


What is chasing me?

I look over my shoulder

I wish I hadn’t


The tall man follows

Grinning madly, knives for teeth

In his eyes, my doom


Slip on mud and roots

Fall hard into wicked thorns

Nettles like needles


The maniac stops

Cackling like a hyena

This is a poor joke


His long arms hang low

Sharp claws leave trails in the mud

They reach through the brush


The trap has worked well

Predator, soon to be prey

Tricked chasing a treat


Vines and roots close in

They wrap around the tall man

Strong, thick as serpents


Madness fades to fear

His laughter turns into shrieks

Ivy pulls him down


Rain becomes drizzle

The copse of trees is silent

Tall man met his fate


Clear skies, falling leaves

Full moon, the only witness

My annual trick

 Adrean Messmer


Body on a rope

the smoke machine hides the smell

those who pass think trick


Fear in Fugue

Full dark, moon no sun

You are scared but cannot run

Look out, here they come


Red Crayons

Rose forever writes

lines and lyrics all in red

warm arterial spray


Who do?

Tiny stitches show

gooey guts seep out from in

pin pricks, needle sticks


Tomorrow Never Comes

A fortune teller

glass box, quarter in coin slot

blank paper, nothing, end


Double Dog Dare

Little Sophie Chase

Bloody Mary stole her face

Young life gone to waste


36 Degrees

Today, woke up dead

shambling harder than I thought

heart, brains, gone to rot


 The Porchlight is On

Candy bowl, alone

left on the step with a sign

"take one," I take five