Motivational Monday: All Hallow's Read

Good evenin', everyone, and Happy Halloween Week! Here at Murder, this time of year is like our Christmas; there's candy and decorations, and we come together to check out haunted houses and enjoy an annual murder mystery among friends. And this year, we decided to share a little bit of excitement with all you wonderful people. First, like the title says, we're participating in All Hallow's Read, and are sharing our own horror stories with you. Our first group anthology, Happy Days Sweetheart, is free on Amazon's Kindle through Halloween! If you haven't picked it up yet, you have no excuse now!

Seriously, how good is this even?

The second bit of celebration is a promise, folks. Even though it's our Christmas, you guys get the gifts... of more us. Every day this week, we're promising a post every day, either with the day's scheduled content, or with some other spooky short stories, just for you.

Now, onto the actual post, as it's not technically late: Motivational Monday!

For those of you in the know, National Novel Writing Month is less than a week away, and it is pretty intimidating. For those who've never heard of it, the idea is that you write 50,000 words - the length of a short novel - starting November 1st and ending the 30th. It averages out to just under 1,700 words a day, and every day you hope you're a little ahead of where you need to be, which, in my experience, never happens.

I've attempted it every year since 2008, and have won (finished) once in that time, which is pretty impressive, I guess? But I'm a sore loser, and this year I won't settle for shame so easily. So this year, I'm plotting. I'm outlining and prewriting (in my head! I'm not a cheater!) and thinking long and hard on the words I want to put on the page, before I ever get that far. This is the first year I've actually sat long enough to think about it before it started, and it's given me this really good feeling, like it's not some unconquerable word mountain, but instead several smaller word chunks, like it's supposed to be.

And really, that's all it's taken for me to get excited about it. One good idea, and then following the advice that every writing teacher I ever had told me. I'll be the first to admit I've been in a long writing slump, and I'm not optimistic to think I'm all the way out of it yet, but, who knows.

So, readers (assuming you've made it this far), what about you? Interested in NaNo? How do you motivate yourself to start a daunting project? Are you like Adrean, do you have to trick yourself with treats?

Stay awesome, guys, and keep your eyes on the page for the rest of this week's updates. And, in case I don't write another post before then, Happy Halloween!