Motivational Monday: Trick or Treat

It often seems that the more I want to do something, the more my brain looks for ways to not do that thing. I'll just browse Reddit for five more minutes. Let me check Facebook one more time. I'm almost done with this season of that show I don't really care about, so might as well finish that. Then I'll get started. I swear. I could do that for days. Cloud and the Treat

Luckily for me, I also like stuff.  So, I trick myself. I set goals and I give myself rewards for meeting them. A thousand words is a small goal worth a small reward, like a trip to my favorite bakery. Five thousand is pretty great, so that gets me something bigger like fancy nail polish or whatever genius thing is currently on TeeFury. Ten thousand is a big milestone. I let myself get something big, like a Loot Crate. Or a Rice Krispie Treat bigger than my cat.

I like writing. Love it, in fact. But sometimes, especially when it comes to editing, it is hard work. And, sure, there are paychecks, but most of the time they aren't huge. Acceptance letters are hard to come by and rejection can really ruin your day.

I'm a gamer at heart. Keeping track of my words and rewards makes me happy. It feels like I've leveled up. It makes it a game, which makes me feel even more excited to finish (or get closer to finishing) a piece.

The whole point is to say that writing is hard. You don't always get recognition for it and it often goes unpaid. So, find your reward. Find the thing that's going to get you motivated and give yourself a little payday. You probably deserve it.