When Resolution Meets Reality

I try not to get too excited about resolutions, but the fact is that it is a new year and it is inspiring to think about all the things you’re going to change in the new year.


I was going to create an actual vision board with goals for my writing and my podcasting. I’ve always wanted to be able to draw, so I was going to have a spot on there for drawing one face a day. I was going to clean/organize one thing a day every day. I was going to get healthier - exercise, lose a reasonable amount of weight. I bought this great organizer. I was going to do this 12 day challenge to jumpstart your writing. I was going to be SO ON TOP OF THIS BLOG.

Then I left the cardboard for my vision board on top of my car and it landed in a mud puddle. Then I just never got around to watching the videos on how to use the organizer (yeah, it requires learning how to use it). Then we had a slab leak in the house and for two days had no water. Then we learned the leak was on the hot water side and so then we just didn’t have hot water - I drove to another city to take a shower at one point. Our flooring is all torn up and we have had workers in and out of the house every day for more than a week.


I accomplished none of my goals. Notice that I’m scrambling to get something posted on the last day of January instead of the 20th, when it was scheduled.

Am I going to give up? No. I’m going to pick myself back up. Maybe buy a new piece of cardboard for that vision board. I’m going to finish my 12 day challenge. I can start drawing faces tomorrow and it’s not too late to learn to use that organizer. And here I am, getting a post put up under the wire.

Resolutions are fragile things. I think people know them more as things we don’t accomplish than things we do. But you only really fail if castigate yourself for the challenges life throws at you. If you beat yourself up for allowing a house with no water full of noisy workers to distract you, then you’ve failed. If you realize no one could work under those conditions and give yourself a break, you’ll do fine.

Reality is cold and hard. Human are resilient. Pick up and try again.