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When the sirens have faded_fronthigh_res


edited by Ryan C. Bradley
Cover by NB Design

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre famously asked viewers, "Who will survive, and what will be left of them?" When the sirens have faded, and the police are gone, where do the final girls go? What does the child do after they've been exorcised, when the demons have stopped bumping in the night? Is the past ever the past? Does horror and the trauma it brings with it ever actually die?
With stories by Christina Ladd, Patrick Tumblety, TM Hurree, Sara Harrington, Joe Quenell, John T. Biggs, Tyler McPherson,Tracy Fahey, CL Phillips, Angela Yuriko Smith, Brian Lillie, Joseph Watson, and Amanda Cecelia Lang.



Edited by Donna A. Leahey
Cover by Gus Fink

What we abandon begins to rot from the inside, while the outside succumbs to the ravages of nature and time. Unsightly creatures take root, protecting their new feeding grounds with ferocious antipathy. Darkness fills the debris-filled corridors, and in the darkness lurk all of the things that make our skin crawl. An abandoned building is a place of death and gloom. The living are not welcome there. But there they'll go. Because the living are nothing if not curious—and inimitably stupid.



By Jack Burgos
Cover by JC Orion

Ash Winters is an apprentice magus with two choices—go to magic school or become an executor for the Eye in the Lock. The first means dealing with his estranged and esteemed father, Prelate DeWilde of the Collegium. The second means learning who taught Theo Tamsin the Heart of Storms, a forbidden spell powerful enough to create a hurricane, and killing him for having cast it over the city of New Orleans. As Ash becomes involved in Theo's world, he begins to learn that they are only pawns in a brutal chess game as old as magic itself.

Ant Farm Necropolis Ebook.jpg


By Adrian Ludens
Cover by M. Wayne Miller

Twenty macabre stories and poems by Adrian Ludens. Clive wants to show you around his home, but watch out; it's populated by more than just recollections from his bizarre past in Four Houses Down. Those who want insight into Poe's descent into madness prior to his death should pay close attention to Reynolds' Tale. The Idea Man is a retired professional killer who has a novel way to make the world a better place in Slay it Forward. Jack the Ripper brings mayhem and murder to Alaska during the Gold Rush in The Monster's Leather Apron. Randle has a job he loathes; erasing people from existence, in Death Guiding 350 Horses.

These characters and many more are waiting inside this new collection from the author of When Bedbugs Bite and Bedtime Stories for Carrion Beetles.

"Ant Farm Necropolis is a cathartic dip into a pitch-black tide pool of the imagination. A collection purveyors of dark fiction will love to add to their shelves." —John Palisano, Bram Stoker Award-Winning author



Edited by Shannon Iwanski
Cover by Alan Sessler

Perhaps the oldest superstition among old sailors is that of the Dies Infaustus—the unlucky day. No one dares to set sail on a Friday, lest they incur the ocean’s wrath. And the ocean? Well, it was fickle to begin with.
Dies Infaustus is an anthology about the horrors that lurk beneath those belying waves. From a beach, those tranquil eddies look almost peaceful. But the ocean is a moving, roiling body full of life. And we are oh, so naïve about the creatures that inhabit that cold, dark deep.
Long-lost civilizations could thrive beneath the murky shores of a lake bordering a small town, and none of the humans who lived in the small town would know. That is, unless one of them made its way on land. Massive leviathans could swim in the gaps between the continents, rising to the surface only to collect sacrifices from the cultists who still worship them as old gods.
Explore these waters with us in Dies Infaustus, a collection of underwater terror.



Edited by Jack Burgos
Cover by George Cotronis

Death is permanent. This is the falsehood that we tell ourselves so we can sleep at night. It’s the lie that we tell our children so they don’t carry their little kitten’s corpse to the old cemetery deep in the forest, in the grove where nothing living grows. It’s the myth that we wrap ourselves in so we can ignore the gut-wrenching terror of what really follows death—the unfathomable unknown.
The truth is that some things don’t stay dead.
The child at the end of the dock that drowned years before. That woman who your husband was having an affair with—the woman who disappeared shortly after your husband stopped dating her. The prettiest girl in school, gift-wrapped for you in an old, forest cabin. The vampire that hovers around her old grave. Two Russian rock stars with a taste for human flesh and blood. These are The Misbehaving Dead, and they just won’t stay where we buried them.



Edited by Adrean Messmer
Cover by Alan Sessler

Evil Dead. Grindhouse. Brain Damage. Motel Hell. Night of the Comet. There are no conventions that the vanguard writers of these films wouldn't eschew. There are no rules that they wouldn't break. These maestros of the macabre took everything we know about horror and set it on its head, all for fancy's thrill. For them, there is no caprice too bizarre to indulge. No limits. No precautions. Just you, a story, and the wind rushing past you with the ground fast approaching. Oh, and your bungie cord isn't attached to your harness. Your evil hand must have loosened it. 
Theater B is a collection of short stories written in the same vein as the classic B movies that we fell in love with for their utter lack of shame. They are orgasms of creativity, sluicing imagination from every orifice. They are monuments to the raw idea, bereft of filter, spawned to electrify, to terrify, and to nauseate.



Edited by CJ Miles IV
Cover by George Cotronis

Not so long ago, human beings were cursed with fear. They clamored for hope in a world of boundless suffering and death. They called out to the heavens and summoned gods. They crafted religions that would serve as a candle against the howling night.
That which alights must also burn.
A zealot spits venomous words from his pulpit, his congregation listening and nodding, their disgust with their neighbors boiling into a riotous rage. A girl returns from Bible Camp nine-months pregnant with God’s child—images of a golden flame pressing on her chest, paralyzing her, flood her nightmares. Heaven replaces its angels with automata, dispensing salvation and damnation with callous efficiency.
Book of Blasphemous Words is a weird fiction, horror, and speculative fiction anthology about humanity’s relationship with its gods. When we answer the call for salvation from the bondage of the material—when we believe in gods—we reach a hand into the unknown and risk losing it to something peckish. When we forget the power of the hearth, we risk a conflagration that can return civilization to the dirt whence it has come.



By Adrean Messmer
Cover by Daniela Serra

It starts on Facebook—an update that Nell doesn’t remember making. It’s bad enough that she’s dying and none of her friends know. Now, she’s pretty sure she’s going crazy. She sees the Sewercide Man everywhere she goes.
The bright, safe little town of is Bandon descending into darkness, dragging the inhabitants along for the ride. Death follows madness for those bound to the Sewercide Man’s will.
But the Sewercide Man is more than just a ghost or a monster. He is death without justice. He is destruction without remorse. He doesn’t have a plan.
He just wants to bring everyone home.



Edited by Jack Burgos
Cover by George Cotronis

We are never alone, not truly. We exist within systems; families, societies, governments, countries, continents; all within a singular planet in a singular solar system in a singular galaxy in a singular universe. And none of these are perfect. Many are broken, some beyond repair. Some could become broken over time. Others need to be destroyed to be improved. This book is about broken worlds, from families to a multiverse, where things are not what they seem or seem to be what they are: utterly broken from the top down and vice versa.



Edited by Shannon Iwanski
Cover by George Cotronis

The good neighbors, the folk under the hill, the fae. Spirits, ghosts, and outsiders, often thought to be gods. They step into the real world to play, not caring or knowing how humans live.  
And like children playing with dolls, they have the power to completely change the story.
Featuring stories from Theric Jepson, Jack Campbell, Jr., Matthew M. Bartlett, Nicole Tanquary, Franklin Charles Murdock, Aubrey Campbell, Thomas Mead, Adan Ramie, Adrean Messmer, Betsy Phillips, Amanda C. Davis, Sophia Rose, Alexis A. Hunter, Shannon Iwanski, Kristin J. Cooper, Alex Shvartsman, James Michael Shoberg, Guy J. Jackson, Sandra M. Odell, Deborah Walker, Lynda Clark, Robin Wyatt Dunn, Stephen S. Power, Erin K. Wagner, Tracy Fahey, Samantha Kymmell, Diandra Linneman, Preston Dennett, and Senoa Carroll-Bradd, Faed will take you back to the fairy tales of your youth and into realms where no child would dare to tread.



Edited by Adrean Messmer
Cover by Purps Percival

Fears fade as years pass. They are never as salient or real as they were when you were a child.

Unless they are.

Though these terrors stem from children, the stories are not for them. From the dark to boogeymen to real life horrors, there is no innocence here.

Featuring stories from Adrian Ludens, Alex Schvartsman, Adan Ramie, James Michael Shoberg, Jill Corddry, Robin Kirk, Kurt Newton, Stanley Webb, Shannon Iwanski, Kristin J Cooper, Eric Blair, Amanda Davis, Michael Schutz-Ryan, Lonnie Bricker, Stephanie Madan, Jack Burgos, John Biggs, Kerry B. Black, M.J. Pack, Shenoa Carroll-Bradd, Ian Shoebridge, Mary Pletsch, Lisa Finch, and Douglas Ford covering everything from the monsters under the bed, to the skeletons in the closet, and all of the little fears and insecurities that drive people to become monsters.



Murder's Very First Anthology
Cover by JC Orion

No one's getting out of this.
Modern fairy tales promise that villains will be punished and everyone else lives happily ever after. But in these pages, no one gets a happy ending.
The family next door, the ghosts from the past, schoolyard bullies, undead rockstars, and more find themselves on a desolate road with no way back. Fourteen tales of tragedy in a dark spectrum of genres, guaranteed to break your heart.