Ant Farm Necropolis

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Ant Farm Necropolis


Twenty macabre stories and poems by Adrian Ludens. Clive wants to show you around his home, but watch out; it's populated by more than just recollections from his bizarre past in "Four Houses Down." Those who want insight into Poe's descent into madness prior to his death should pay close attention to "Reynolds' Tale." The Idea Man is a retired professional killer who has a novel way to make the world a better place in "Slay it Forward." Jack the Ripper brings mayhem and murder to Alaska during the Gold Rush in "The Monster's Leather Apron." Randle has a job he loathes; erasing people from existence, in "Death Guiding 350 Horses." These characters and many more are waiting inside this new collection from the author of When Bedbugs Bite and Bedtime Stories for Carrion Beetles.

"Ant Farm Necropolis is a cathartic dip into a pitch-black tide pool of the imagination. A collection purveyors of dark fiction will love to add to their shelves." —John Palisano, Bram Stoker Award-Winning author

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Four Houses Down (on the Bad Side of Town)
Death Guiding 350 Horses
Reynolds’ Tale
Everyone Wears a Mask
Ant Farm Necropolis
I Can Do What I Need to in the Dark
Glass Caskets
Slay It Forward
Questions Still Unanswered
The Way It Will Be
Little Hearse on the Prairie
Building Condemned
Heart Like an Anchor
Rougher than the Rest
After the Storm    
Storm Cloud Rain, Graveyard Dirt
The Monster’s Leather Apron
Sod Webworms