Beyond the Nightlight


Beyond the Nightlight


Edited by Adrean Messmer

Cover by Purps Percival

Fears fade as years pass. They are never as salient or real as they were when you were a child.

Unless they are.

Though these terrors stem from children, the stories are not for them. From the dark to boogeymen to real life horrors, there is no innocence here.

Featuring stories from Adrian Ludens, Alex Schvartsman, Adan Ramie, James Michael Shoberg, Jill Corddry, Robin Kirk, Kurt Newton, Stanley Webb, Shannon Iwanski, Kristin J Cooper, Eric Blair, Amanda Davis, Michael Schutz-Ryan, Lonnie Bricker, Stephanie Madan, Jack Burgos, John Biggs, Kerry B. Black, M.J. Pack, Shenoa Carroll-Bradd, Ian Shoebridge, Mary Pletsch, Lisa Finch, and Douglas Ford covering everything from the monsters under the bed, to the skeletons in the closet, and all of the little fears and insecurities that drive people to become monsters.


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  • Amazing Max by James Shoberg
  • Night Creeper by Jill Corddry
  • The Quiet Company by Robin Kirk
  • The Waterthing by Kurt Newton
  • Monster Garbage by Stanley Webb
  • The Dark by Shannon Iwanski
  • Bad Mother by Kristin J. Cooper
  • The Beast, the Boy, and the Watcher by Eric Blair
  • Your Wicked Parts by Amanda Davis
  • Foosessers by Michael Shutz-Ryan
  • In Mirrors by Adan Ramie
  • Methods of Coping by Adrian Ludens
  • Little Johnny by Lonnie Bricker
  • The Eyes Have It by Stephanie Madan
  • The In-Between Places by Jack Burgos
  • Unk by John Biggs
  • Quietly Ross by Kerry B. Black
  • Tent Number 7 by M.J. Pack
  • Sam by Shenoa Carroll-Bradd
  • To the Mountains by Ian Shoebridge
  • Big Boy by Mary Pletsch
  • Amygdala by Lisa Finch
  • Invitation to a Burial by Douglas Ford
  • A Thousand Cuts by Alex Shvartsman