Dies Infaustus


Dies Infaustus


Perhaps the oldest superstition among old sailors is that of the Dies Infaustus—the unlucky day. No one dares to set sail on a Friday, lest they incur the ocean’s wrath. And the ocean? Well, it was fickle to begin with.

Dies Infaustus is an anthology about the horrors that lurk beneath those belying waves. From a beach, those tranquil eddies look almost peaceful. But the ocean is a moving, roiling body full of life. And we are oh, so naïve about the creatures that inhabit that cold, dark deep.

Long-lost civilizations could thrive beneath the murky shores of a lake bordering a small town, and none of the humans who lived in the small town would know. That is, unless one of them made its way on land. Massive leviathans could swim in the gaps between the continents, rising to the surface only to collect sacrifices from the cultists who still worship them as old gods.

Explore these waters with us in Dies Infaustus, a collection of underwater terror.

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  • From the Labor of Gods Worms - Christian Riley
  • Sea is in my Blood - Deborah Walker
  • Singing at the Great Wall of the Ocean - Chris Kuriata
  • ...And the Deep Blue Sea - Kerryn Elizabeth Salter
  • The Moth and the Candle - Mike Anderson
  • Finwife - Carmen Fowle
  • The God-Sent - Soumya Sunda Mukherjee
  • Ollie - Ingrid L. Taylor
  • The Wraith - Kev Harrison
  • Kelpie 5 - K. Lawrence
  • Like You - Z Lee
  • Below the Boat - Alexandra Englehart
  • Sea of Salt - Elana Gomel
  • The Thing in the Water - Carla E. Dash
  • A Winter Crossing - Lynda Clark
  • Dark Water - Lillian Csernica
  • Juliet Silver and the Seeker of the Depths - Wendy Nikel
  • For Each of these Miseries - Premee Mohamed
  • The Deep - Donna Leahey
  • Out Ghent Lake - Darren Todd