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Donna A Leahey



As a child in school, Donna A. Leahey turned her vocabulary homework into short stories. Years later, she is still crafting stories. Geek, gamer, writer, mother, procrastinator, and pet lover, Donna is a practicing veterinarian and free-lance writer as well as an active creator of podcasts and editor of anthologies. You can hear her and her friends on Beyond the Cabin in the Woods: A Good Ghouls Guide to Horror, Collective Snark, Once More With Feeling: A 20th Anniversary Buffy Fancast, The Family Business: A Supernatural Fancast, and, by the time you read this, probably another couple podcasts. You can follow her on Twitter.


Adrean Messmer

Dead Man’s Party

Terror, blood, and awful things happening to normal people are her favorite things. If you want to know more, you can find her over at Splatterhouse 5, where she sporadically blogs about whatever nonsense strikes her fancy and judges other people's writing. Or on Twitter.


Die Booth

The Snake and the Judas Crown

Die Booth lives in Chester and enjoys painting pictures and exploring dark places. You can read his stories in places like The Fiction Desk, Firewords and The Cheshire Prize for Literature anthologies. His latest collection of short stories ‘My Glass is Runn’, is out now and he’s currently working on a collection of own-voices short stories featuring transgender protagonists. @diebooth


Brad McNaughton

Those Left Behind

Brad McNaughton is a writer of speculative fiction, horror and mysteries. His work has been published in Aurealis, Breach, and features in The Worlds of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Vol III. He lives in Adelaide, Australia with his wife, and his dog. In his stories, dogs never die.
He's a founding member of TL;DR press, and currently working on a novel about a private detective who can smell the future.
Regular news and musings on life can be found at, or follow him on Twitter @BradMWriter.

J. Gault.jpg

Jacqueline Gualtieri


Originally starting her career as a journalist and columnist, Jackie’s writing can be seen on Buzzfeed, Yahoo, Food and Wine, Spoon University, and The Date Mix. A fan of the classics, you can always find her in a corner of a movie theater, watching a James Cagney or Vincent Price movie. If not there, she's working on a new cupcake recipe.

Alexander Chernavskiy

Key instruction

Born in 1981 in Moscow, Russia, Alexander Chernavskiy is a Russian artist, his career emerged in the wake of the influence of documentary traditions and contemporary art as the fields of his main interest. He is a magister of sociology (MPSU university). In 2010 he finished his secondary education in MSU (photojournalism), in 2016 - School of Contemporary Art «Free Workshops. He was a participant of different festivals and exhibitions in Russia, Georgia, Belarus, Latvia, Ukraine, USA, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Belgium, Slovenia. His works were published by Privatephotoreview, Sonder review, Snapdragon, Stoneboat, Raven Chronicles, Dodho, The Ocotillo Review in 2017.


Shannon Iwanski

Insomnia Cafe

Shannon Iwanski is the former president of the Tulsa-based writing group Nevermore Edits, a member of Oklahoma Writers' Federation, Inc., and Editor-in-Chief of Inkubus Publishing, LLC. To learn more about him and his plans to turn the world into a dystopian society, check out

Carmen FOwle.jpg

Carmen Fowle


Carmen Fowle resides on the "wet" coast of BC, Canada. Her writing career began with a story about a rock for an elementary school assignment that was many times re-written (thanks Mom!) Her love for the craft quickly blossomed, ever evolving through the multitude of projects she tackles. She now writes to keep her fingers warm or escape the reality of her "melting" igloo, though she likes to think the subject matter of her writing has improved.


Lionel Ray Green

The Church on Maple Hill Road

Lionel Ray Green is a horror and fantasy writer, an award-winning newspaper journalist, and a U.S. Army gulf war veteran living in Alabama. His short stories have appeared in the anthologies Alabama's Emerging Writers, The Heart of a Devil, Fifty Flashes, How Beer Saved the World 2, Graveyard, Frightening, Tales from the Grave, In Creeps the Night, and 22 More Quick Shivers. His short story "Scarecrow Road" won the WriterWriter 2018 International Halloween Themed Writing Competition All Hallows' Prose and his short story "A Tale of Two Shards" was third runner-up in the WriterWriter 2018 International Fantasy Writing Competition Phoenix Rising. His work has also appeared in The Poet's Haven Digest anthology It Was a Dark and Stormy Night, in Issue 1 of Cross+Decay magazine, and in the 2017 issue of From the Depths magazine as well as in Trembling With Fear, an online feature of the Horror Tree website.
Check out to read his blog.


Joshua Williams

My Children’s Kingdom

Josh, when not being distracted by anything shiny the internet has to offer, writes speculative fiction and about anything that seems a bit off. He has been published in the anthology "That One Left Shoe" and in the summer 2017 issue of Jakob's Horror Box. He can be found and subsequently stalked at


Stuart Hardy

The Abandoned Factory

Stuart Hardy is a sci-fi and horror writer and internet comedian behind the Youtube channel Stubagful where he produces video reviews of TV shows, sketch comedy and dark horror cartoons.


Jonathan Ochoco

The Governness

Jonathan Ochoco grew up in Houston, Texas but has called San Francisco home for 20 years. He is lawyer by training and works as a compliance officer for a global investment management firm. He is a Pushcart nominated writer with stories published in The Arcanist’s Ghost Stories,  Descansos: Words from the WaysideGathering StormEllipsis Zine: Four, and several additional anthologies. As for hobbies, he is am an avid curler (the ice sport) and plays in a league in the San Francisco Bay Area. Follow him on Twitter @mrochoco.

Ryan C. Bradley - Safe at Home

Ryan C. Bradley

Safe at Home

Ryan C. Bradley's work has been in The Missouri Review, The Rumpus, Dark Moon Digest, Entropy, and others. He's a regular contributor to Wicked Horror and his own website,


K. Lawrence


K.Lawrence hails from the wilds of north east Scotland and has been writing for longer than she can remember. Her first novel, The Raven And the Nightingale, is currently available through Amazon and Inkubus Publishing. The sequel is in the works. K has also written several short stories which have appeared in Inkubus Publishing Anthologies and one short story that has appeared in the latest A Murder of Storytellers anthology.

When she is not writing, K likes to play guitar, go to concerts, take photographs of everything and anything, and paint. She is also an avid collector of Funko Pops and other geek memerobilia.

You can keep up to date with her works through Instagram and Facebook

Laura DeHaan author pic.jpg

Laura DeHaan


Laura DeHaan is very quiet and definitely not behind you.


Andrew Bourelle

Caught in the Rip

Andrew Bourelle is the author of the novel Heavy Metal. His short stories, comics, and poems have been published widely in literary journals and fiction anthologies, including The Best American Mystery Stories.


Steve Forti

The Source

Steve Forti is a writer and IT project manager whose mind bounces between novels and flash fiction. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife and two kids (though she’ll insist she lives with three kids). His work has also recently appeared in Zetetic Record. Contact info and precious little else can be learned about him at

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Shannon Lippert


Shannon is a reluctant New Yorker, a former professional Internet surfer, and a performing artist. She writes plays, essays, poems, short fiction, long fiction, bad fiction, and fanfiction. Fans can contact her on twitter @ShannonXL or follow her website: