The Murderers

Everyone knows that a gathering of crows is called a murder, but they're also called a storytelling. As writers, we aim to tell our stories, murdering those errors and fears that hold us back. As publishers, we're looking for voices in genre fiction that often go ignored or are asked to change. Our goal is to always help each become better writers and foster a sense of community.


Adrean Messmer

Terror, blood, and awful things happening to normal people are her favorite things. If you want to know more, you can find her over at Splatterhouse 5, where she sporadically blogs about whatever nonsense strikes her fancy and judges other people's writing. Or on Twitter.

Shannon Iwanski

Shannon Iwanski is president of the Tulsa-based writing group Nevermore Edits, a member of Oklahoma Writers' Federation, Inc., and Editor-in-Chief of Inkubus Publishing, LLC. To learn more about him and his plans to turn the world into a dystopian society, check out


Jack Burgos

Jack’s fiction interests include science fiction, urban fantasy, and horror. He is a founding member of Nevermore Edits and the webmaster for the Oklahoma Writers' Federation. He has a website, Facebook page, and Twitter account.


CJ Miles IV

CJ Miles IV is a member of Nevermore Edits and the Oklahoma Writer's Federation, Inc. He lives in Tulsa, OK, spreading the unspeakable word of the Old Ones. He does not write or blog nearly enough, but, much like spotting a blurry sasquatch, you can occasionally find him on his website or Twitter.

Mac Boyle

Mac Boyle writes mainly because he can't carry a tune. He is the author of Right - A Novel of Politics, A Loss For Normalcy, The Devil Lives in Beverly Hills, and Orson Welles of Mars. His upcoming novel, The Once and Future Orson Welles, will be available in 2017. He is currently producing a full-cast audio drama "The Fourth Wall," that will also be available in 2017. In his spare time, Boyle works for an un-named federal agency that is one-hundred percent NOT a cover for the CIA. If the universe hadn’t seen fit to create pinball, he might have been a truly great man. He lives in Oklahoma with his wife, Lora.

Contributor - The Electric Cageliner

Joseph Shelton

Joseph Shelton lives among the wolves and snowdrifts of Montana, gathering nuts and berries to survive the winter months.  He spends long nights baying at the moon and scribbling nonsense on the wall of his cave with long, yellowing fingernails.  He can be contacted on Twitter via @jrobertshelton, and he would love to hear from you, as his only friends are three goats that live in the cave with him, and two of them are already dead.

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